Voice Lessons near Toronto's Scarborough Bluffs

Miriam lives in Birchliff,  close to the Scarborough Bluffs.  This is her story and what happened for her in her training sessions.  Everyone is unique ... and maybe you'll be inspired by Miriam's story...


Miriam never wanted to be a professional or anything like that, but really enjoyed performing her songs at Karaoke night.  She called Paul, who her friend Pam told her about. 


Pam told her 'Paul helps people near Birchmount and Danforth Ave, in between the beaches and the bluffs.  He is a coach who helps people relax, feel comfortable singing and ease into a natural flow.  So we don't have to copy or be like anyone else, because he says we are unique...he helped me find and bring out my best original self.  And it was a lot of fun for me.  It helped me a lot.'


Speaking with Paul on the phone, Miriam found herself in a very relaxing easy conversation and felt that she could share everything that was on her mind about her vocals.  She shared about how she had trouble with the highest notes in her songs, like she was straining and wanted it to flow more easily. 


And even about how sometimes she felt nervous on stage or when holding a mic.  And didn't want to copy other people or sound like them.


Paul just listened and listened, and asked questions and listened again.  After talking with Paul for 20 minutes Miriam said 'I can't believe I told you all of that!'  'And I hardly know you!  But that is how it is for me and I'm so glad to share that and get it off my chest.  Can you help me?'


Miriam and Paul spoke some more and set up some sessions. 


Fast forward 4 months, Miriam was on the phone with Pam telling her how much she loved Karaoke now with her OWN sound, and felt she could just be herself. 


She excitedly told Pam how much more confident and relaxed she was up on stage, how 'it is so much easier to be myself, than trying to be someone else'.  And people say I sounded so much better too! 


They kept asking me what happened?  So I told them about her story about this guy Paul between the bluffs and the beach, who helps people find themselves in their songs... and how he helped me.' 


Miriam later called her sister Sam, who lives in Seattle, Washington.  Margie was so happy for Sam because she loves performing songs for her friends too!  Sam told Miriam 'too bad Paul isn't near me in Seattle!' 


Miriam shared with Sam that during some winter weeks when it was cold outside, she was doing her sessions with Paul over the internet, staying how in her comfy slippers.  Sam asked 'does that really work over the internet, can you benefit from it?'


Miriam burst out... 'even better sometimes because it is very relaxing and we are so focused in the session because there are no distractions.  Just him and me.  It surprised me, I really liked it!!'


'Many people who work with Paul do their sessions over the internet and don't even live near Toronto. But if you're near Scarborough or the bluffs or beaches he sees people at his studio.  Which has a very open, soothing vibe by the way.  He's very very busy though and his calendar is almost always full.  But call him and ask.  And say you're my sister!'


Miriam and Pam went on to chat about their next songs they will perform. 


And they lived happily ever after, loving doing their songs in their own way.  And feeling great about it.


The beginning... for you








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