Training To Help You Relax And Enjoy An Easy Confidence When Singing

This just happened a few hours ago.  And I think my telling you this story will help you relax and feel better.  That is my wish for you.  Even just knowing that it is possible.


What I am going to write here might sound too 'woo-woo', or too 'way out there' for some.  I understand. 


There are a number of other ways to help you get confidence that we can use instead, if what helped Guido doesn't resonate with you.  We can do it another way.



So here goes...  And it if is sounding too flaky to you... no problem.. just go back to reading here about how to train your voice.  Because that training can give you increased confidence too!



Guido's Story ... How He Found Confidence In His Voice


Guido is a great guy.  I think that is important to know.


He was just here for his vocal lesson.  He actually had a life coaching session with me right before his vocal  He loves having both back to back, he says it gives him a great feeling of momentum and possibility.  You may never want that.  Some never want that.  Others love it.  That combination works great for him.


Funny thing is, after we helped him feel so relaxed in the life,  his singing was a breeze for him.   I find that happens a lot lately.  It is like a theme around here.  'Just Feeling Good'


Today I have never seen him feeling so good, so relaxed and having a great time.  He made the Roy Orbison song he was singing sound SO easy, and effortless. 


So I just sat back and enjoyed what he was doing.  I just watched.


And the notes and beautiful lines just poured out of him.  It looked so easy.  Easier than ever, in fact. 


It made my job SO easy, I hardly had to do anything for him as his inner guidance took over and carried him in the song.  His relaxation seemed to change his breathing and whole approach.


And Guido sounded really really good.  He looked like Elvis does in the old black and white photos, like a cat who just swallowed the canary.  Almost strutting.  But without any ego.  Because he's a really really good guy,  you'd like him.


And I also could tell that he felt totally himself.


So how the heck did that happen for him?  What did we do in the prior session that gave him such confidence that he was actually now strutting?


Here it is, we helped him see that he is totally and absolutely and completely fine already.  No matter what goes on around him, no matter what he does, or doesn't do, he will be totally ok.  Always was.  Always will be. 


Our work together helped him get this understanding at a deep, almost subconsious level. 


That nothing that could happen seemed to affect his inner calm.  He glowed in happiness. 


Guido had finally understood that relaxed confidence performing doesn't come from competence.  Although that helps.  But true inner confidence for him comes from seeing that his sense of being ok comes from the inside.  And as he experienced that sense of ease more and more, doing things became easier. 


Because he no longer needed things to go a certain way for him to think that he was ok.  Because he knows that he is totally ok. 


Just as you reading this, YOU are totally ok, deep down, regardless of what you might be experiencing, you are totally and completely fine.  You always will be.  The feelings you have now will pass.  They always will. 


And you are fine.  really.   You always will be.


( And if you wanted to read that paragraph above over and over to let the feeling sink in, I won't mind at all )


Imagine all of your inner pressure just releasing like letting go of a balloon.  It flies around the room letting air out and all those thoughts and feelings dissipate like early morning mist.


How would you feel if you didn't have a concern, or worry in the world.  Knowing that everything is just fine now and really getting this at a core level.  Kind of like God or the Universe, or your good friend speaking to you and saying 'Jayme, you're completely ok.  You're fine. And you can relax.  Take it easy.  It is ok to relax now'.


Whoa...  A complete mindshift happened for Guido.   And that has been like a theme around here.


And a complete Vocal Confidence shift followed.  Without even trying for one.  Crazy?


Maybe that is why Singers are becoming more and more confident than ever in these programs.  Because they are getting the idea that confidence comes from knowing how to find ease and confidence on the inside.. in a knowing that we are completely and totally ok. 


That nothing outside of us really affects us.  That we have an inner space that is total joy, ease and peace... and love.


That is the feeling that Guido walks around with today.  It is changing his world and he is more at ease.


That feeling inside him released his confidence singing.  


And we didn't have to work on anything else in his voice.  Nothing.


That for me is the ultimate, when things flow easily and we feel good.  Feeling good first gives confidence.  Feeling good first makes things feel easy.   


Feeling good FIRST gives vocal confidence.  Not the other way around.


And there is a actual science behind learning how to let go, ease into life and feel groovy.  That's what we start with in these training programs in face, for those who want that. 


My friend,  as you read this, my wish for you is the effortless flow and confident strut Guido has.   He found it.  He learned how to.And you can develop it too.  And you can feel that good in your music and in your life. 


That is my wish for you, whether we work together now or never.  I hope this story really helps you in some way. 


With my love,




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