Top 5 Singers In Toronto

Who is the best Singer in Toronto?

How cares?

Who moves you and makes YOU heart feel the love?  That is a better question!

All I can talk about is what moves MY heart today.  What Singers move me most?  As this changes over time, as of today this is my Top 5 favourite  Toronto Singers list:




Top 5 Singers Toronto    HEART   Mick Maratta    Jane Siberry     Loreena

                                                                          Luanne Pucci            Me ( and you should include YOU in your list! even if you're just starting because your soul has a song that is gorgeous )

but don't you ever go copying… it doesn't feel good because as much as you love them it isn't you… love and be inspired by their music but the only way to create the flow is  by finding you… there is no other game in town.  There is nothing you ever need to do than find YOU.  Your song.  Your sound.  From your soul.  Now you're contributing and having fun.



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