The Toronto Music Scene

I hang out in India Town quite a bit near Gerrard and Coxwell in East York.  There you'll here the sounds of modern Indian music on the street as you eat roasted corn on your way to one of the fantastic Indian restaurants.  And right in there you'll find a thriving eatery called Daisy's who grows most of their food on the farm.  Have dinner there and in the evening you'll likely hear a local Toronto band sharing 2-3 of their sets on the intimate stage footsteps away from your table.


East Toronto Music Scene

Round the corner south on Hiawatha street you'll arrive at one of  Toronto's coolest Spiritual centres simple called 'Neighborhood'.  You'll find individuals from many different faiths celebrating there together ( the theme here? ) as one.  Experience wonderful music the first friday or every month at their open music night.  Bring your song or work in progress to share in a supportive environment.  Or come wednesday night at 7:30pm for meditation night.


The Toronto Beaches is home to the Beaches International Jazz Festival ( get the theme here? ).  IN the summer you'll here world class jazz from locals. Two of my favourites are Mark Eisenman and Lorne Lofsky.  They teach in the Jazz Music curriculum at York University.  And many of their students have become world class Jazz musicians and Singers.  Some of who are prominent players in Toronto   as well as Internationally.  Rock on!


For Classical Music Visit Downtown Toronto

If classical music is your thing a great place to be is the Royal Conservatory of Music on Bloor street.  I fondly remember many long summer afternoons of 4 hour piano practice sessions on the grand pianos on the 4th floor.  Back then Leslie Kinton was a key teacher/faculty member and he's trained many prominent Toronto musicians as well as being a stunning pianist.  I've learned so much from studying with him.


Now Bring YOU... and your Musical Essence

Really, if you want to rock out your music and find the music of your soul you don't need to go to Berkley or any fancy school in the US or anywhere else in the world.  You don't!  It is all right here in Toronto.  Just find a great teacher who can take you where you've never gone.  And get busy having fun!


And when we're ready... the right teacher appears.  Back To Singing Lessons in Toronto


Then do whatever it takes for you to make that happen, act on that like crazy and never stop having fun creating the music that is really yours.   And enjoy your days singing.


We're here waiting for you.






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