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We all LOVE the sound of a beautiful sounding recording of music... and there is no thrill like hearing our OWN voice and music recorded in a way that captures the magic of us.


This is the recording dream of many.  Capturing OUR sound, our essence, our very own timeless and UNIQUE vibe.


Here is where most miss this.  In the thousands of recordings made in Toronto each year, a handful of recording artists and recordings truly stand out, to me at least.  They actually tower above the rest in terms of the impact they have on the listener ( me ). 


How did they stand out?  How did these artists records come to go so deeply into the hearts of listeners?


The thing that makes a recording made in Toronto, or LA or New York stand out is often far from obvious. In fact the difference can seem obscure and is lost among over 98% of recordings ( my number ).


If you listened to the favourite music recordings made in Toronto in the last 10 years, what would YOU say they all had? 


It is never in the polish, or fancy production.  In fact that elusive difference is most often lost in those qualities. 


From listening to recordings for 45 years in Toronto, and the recording sessions I have been part of... the difference that makes the favourites stand out is in what is NOT there.


So what can NOT be there to make the essence of the artist and song come through?


The mind.


Yep.  Thinking and thought are the hardest thing to get out of the process.   What is left is felt, pure heart.  This is the ONLY currency in recorded music that stands the test of time.  Toronto, Frankfurt or Nashville.  Same.  Pure. Heart. 


And the only way to allow that is to remove mind.  Mind can block heart.  Haven't you noticed?  Maybe even every single time?

( You did hire a record producer for your sessions didn't you? )


The woman or man in charge of ensuring that mind doesn't obstruct heart is the record producer.


You do have a record producer don't you?  And don't say yourself.  .001% of people can do this for themselves.  I'm not one of them. 


One of my favourite artists who often records in Toronto is Loreena Mckennitt of Mummer's Dance fame.   Loreena brings the essence of the recordings to life in a magical way.  She hires and works with first rate world class recording engineers and musicians, many of who live in Toronto. 


Jeff Wolpert is a Toronto native and is known internationally for his precision craftsmanship in recording audio.  He has won many awards for his recordings.   Jeff is a world class recording engineer based in East York Toronto.  And Jeff relies on a great producer for the magic. Such as Loreena.   Loreena is why her recordings are loved around the globe for decades now.


But Loreena is .001% of artists and singers who can do this on her own.


My advice is always, do your music a favour and hire a wonderful producer.  A great producer in even one of the budget Toronto studios will create a recording of you that will tower above any self-produced recording made in the best studio.




The sooner we acknowledge this the sooner we will succeed.


Are you with me?


Read about Mick Maratta's vocals in his band Sons of Rhythm ( Top 5 Toronto Singers ).  The FIRST thing Toronto based Sons of Rhythm did was hire a producer.  They did this a YEAR before starting recording.  THIS band is one to watch.  You can see their success in the making by the smart choices they are making, such as paying for a producer for their record.


I can't wait to hear their album with their new lead Singer Mick Maratta, who has been working closely with me the last 2 years to take his vocals to the next level.   You can read about Mick and my own personal  FIVE Favourite Toronto Singers.


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( You did hire a record producer for your sessions did'nt you? )



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