Life Coaching clients speak about Paul will enjoy your session with him tremendously because I work with him

weekly (sometimes more) and the positive impacts on my music,

... and my life in general are a WOW.'

Steve Chandler, Guru Business Coach and best selling Author of 40 books.



I've had a truly wonderful day and I feel so grateful for the peace, joy and connection I've experienced today. Feeling very grateful for your support. I know that has played an important role in all of this. 


Thank you for creating a safe space for me to express myself honestly. This is such a gift. 


Sarah Borrett, Cabbagetown



Thanks for that Paul. In my experience you are a rare and truly exquisite being. I imagine that's what a phone call from a guardian angel would be like. I am blessed to know you.

Kelly P. North York Toronto



'I think you are an amazing and deeply caring coach!'

Chilla Riddle, Real Estate Coach, Author and Motivational Speaker

The Danforth



Dear Paul,

I am in awe of our meeting. I am so impressed by your patience and how clearly you articulate the depth of topics. You have a beautiful soul; I appreciate you helping me out to see things in different light. We need more people like you on this planet.

Harpreet Gill, Milton



'You have a special gift to change lives.'

Corin Pinto, Painter and Sculptor, Cabbagetown


Honestly Paul ... Principles you passed on to me have helped me so much. Thank you for being a conduit for wisdom in my life.


Eric Long, Starbucks Manager, The Danforth



Thank you for guiding me towards spirit ... towards slowing down, towards calm, peaceful, fulfillment and serenity. Towards selflessness, towards service. Thank you Paul.

Thank you for guiding me. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for seeing what's possible for me.

I am truly grateful for our sessions and your ever-guiding presence :)


Marco Galloro,  Apple Store Rep, Brampton



My ... conversation with you was so electrifying and can't seem to forget about it.

Nadia Pauline



'Today's talk was quite awakening for me'

'Thinking about things you told me. Very deeply... Change has already started.'

Diana Y.,  Israel



I feel it spreading through my world, at work, in my life.. it's changing everything !! 

Anand Krishnan, IT Specialist, Houston Texas



"Thank you so very much. 

You have inspired me and changed my life (as dramatic as that is true)."

Lorraine Gibson






...I feel as though the path that I was always looking for has finally been opened for me.

And I have you to thank for that.  So thank you."

James Di Donato, Downtown Toronto


Paul....April here. I am sitting here listening to Samantha teach one of her students in our home studio.   She ... has mainly special needs students, who she treats with such respect and patience.  I often think of the gentle and kind way she began this journey with you...  Thank you. 

April xo



Immensely grateful to you ...

Malkiat, IT Developer

Malkiat is currently working with his Coach Paul from India via Internet