Inspiring Success Stories

These Artists and many more like them are living proof that individuals from ANY background or level of experience can discover how to create and express themselves authentically.  When we express from our authentic selves we discover a True Artist within us.


None of the artists profiled here felt great about their sound before they started the programs.  Every one of them is a champion in how they learned to connect in an authentic way and sound really great because of it.  I love listening to these artists because they inspire me.  They express themselves in the way I love to hear music.

That is the power of an authentic connection.   


 Luanne Pucci

Luanne Pucci Singing Voice Toronto Lessons

For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a Performer. I had had no musical training at all, I sang off key, could not hold a note, you name it, and I was extremely shy about venturing out to try to learn.


Many of my friends said you can never be taught it, that you had to be born with it. They were wrong!


I started weekly lessons with Paul Gasztold and have continued for just over six years now, and while this bio is about me I just gotta say that Paul is an aces coach, simply ‘the best’. I followed Paul’s direction; my desire to learn was so great that I was disciplined to practice regularly even though there were many frustrating phases and more than a few times I wanted to just give it up.


But I had experienced positive changes right from the start, and as challenging as it got it was still really fun. So with Paul’s regular guidance and his infinite patience, I worked at it and kept working at it.


Everything I learned was fascinating as my skills began to emerge, my confidence began to build, and I wanted to go further and further.


Now I confidently say I am a Singer. And I am a good Singer, yet my journey continues because I want to be even  better. I want to feel even freer, to flow with more ease and richness and fullness, to feel effortless. I want to move people more often, I want them to always feel something when I express myself,  I want to experience those moments.


The desire to reach my musical goals is never ending, as I reach one another emerges, the journey is forever and I cannot recall really anything else in my life that has captured my interest so  wholeheartedly.

Luanne Pucci, The Beaches


A note from Paul:  Today it is difficult to get Luanne off of the stage, she loves sharing herself so much.  This coming from a lady who never believed she would be able to perform.   Luanne is also beginning work on her first EP Record.



Dee Brooks, Zipolite Australia

Dee Brooks Singing Voice Toronto Lessons 


As a yoga teacher, I spend my days guiding students by speaking. Not only do I speak to them but often chant or teach them specific chants. Working with energy and vibration is a daily occurrence for me. I believe Paul continues to show me these modalities in a completely new way that enhances my teaching.


From the beginning, it was evident that I needed to work on confidence, presence and expression.

After such a short period of time, it is staggering to think of how this creative process has opened me up to a world of new possibilities.


Thank you, Paul.

Dee Brooks


Note from Paul:  Dee is also in the pre-production stages of recording her first vocal recording EP.



Becoming comfortable sharing your truest self with others is the fulfillment of our path.




Stephanie Szymanski

Stephanie Szymanski Singing Voice Toronto Lessons

My Name is Stephanie and I am currently studying acting for film and television.  I would love to be involved in musical theater, as well as record my own music.


For years I have been interested in expressing myself in music but have not found the courage to   pursue my goal, until Paul. I found Paul on the internet and after my first session I knew Paul could help me.  I want to be able to free my voice essentially.


I want to sound like myself, Stephanie, not like everyone else on the radio. There is something  so wonderful about being able to express ones self through song... to produce the sound I feel in my heart. I believe I can. 


...{ working with } Paul has truly opened my eyes. I have learned truths about how to sound like myself and drop into myself, worry free of "getting the right notes". I smile after every session walking to the subway...

Trust Paul, he's a good soul. 



Stephanie Szymanski




A True Artist knows that she doesn't ever need to try  to 'do it right' or copy others.


Jemimah St.Hilaire

Jemimah St Hilaire Singing Voice Toronto Lessons

I decided to go and see Paul and soon discovered that his teaching was different than others I have worked with in the past.


Within a short time I had more breath flowing through with each sound and it became deeper, fuller, richer and relaxed and mirrored the authenticity of my true self-expression.



I become very present.  In this very safe environment, I became free to release the blocks and resistance that had held me back from manifesting my own true me!



I recently wrote a song that I played for a friend. She was very moved by it and started to cry. When I asked her

why she was crying, she said that the song was very healing and evoked and triggered feelings within her.



What I’ve discovered from Paul, is that we all have our own unique expression... that wants to be heard, to be free to play.


Paul created a safe environment for me where I have manifested my own individual expression. 




Silva performs her own song 'Steady Planned Production' 

You will hear that Silva's sound is smooth and flowing.  We worked at bringing out this beautiful quality that was within her, using a method called the Natural  'FLOW'.

It is interesting to note that this is a 'raw' take.  Silva just walked in and sang.  No preparation, no editing, just a true Artist expressing from the heart and sounding wonderful.  Stay tuned for Silva's new album. Way to go Silva!


Kelly  P. is a true Authentic Artist, with guts and courage and lots of heart... qualities I love to experience.

These qualities were inside Kelly all along, even if she may not have initially felt cofident.  

Now Kelly goes on stage with her partner and 'rocks out'.   And loves it!   

Together we held the vision for Kelly as she becoming the Artist she wanted to be.  Credit goes to Kelly for showing up big and consistently doing her part of pouring her love and passion in!


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