Clients Speak about their experiences working with Paul

' will enjoy your sessions with him tremendously because I work with him weekly  (sometimes more) and the positive impacts on my music, my appreciation of music, my voice, my breathing and my life in general are a WOW......'

Steve Chandler,  Business and Life Coach and Best Selling Author of 40 books

'The last year has been a breakthrough in every sense of the word. 


'I go about every practice and into every song with a sense of joy, loving every moment of growth ! Paul - you've taught me the importance of so many little things in my growth that I might have otherwise overlooked - aspects that extend into my life - I am forever grateful :)'


'My life has changed ever since I met Paul - I prepared myself for singing lessons but I have gained SO much more. My voice keeps getting better every day and hitting the high notes is a non-issue :).  As a coach he is focused on all-round development such as technical, songwriting ,how to establish a fan base and more. I wish that everyone could experience life and their musical journey supported by Paul's coaching.  He is truly dedicated to serving you'


'I'm getting so many compliments from listeners, my audience has expanded and so has the manner in which I am reaching out to them ! Thanks for the perspective shift and can't wait for our next session Paul !'


Anand Krishnan  Seattle, Washington USA 
Anand is currently being coached via Internet while traveling in India 



'Thanks Paul for being wonderful. :)'

Diane Lima, North York



I've been working with Paul since 2014. I originally wanted to be able to sing backups more easily.  To my surprise I became the Lead Vocalist of the band Sons of Rhythm.   In the program I have exceeded my expectations. I'm thrilled with what I am now able to do and so is my band. 


Mick Maratta,  Frontman of Toronto based soul band 'Sons of Rhythm'     



'The technique is working ... Used it last night in a song I shared at an event
- it felt fabulous, flowing, free, unrestricted…
Donna Poulidis
Performer and Recording Artistcurrently in Greece


' I didn't expect the skype sessions to be so user-friendly!  I'm really happy ... I feel really great!.'

Diana Yashaev,  Israel




'Good morning, Paul! I was practicing this morning and thought of you. I'm now on stage twice a week here in Zipolite. I fell in with a great bunch of musicians and they continue to encourage and help me on my journey. Thank you for guiding me and showing me the tools to get here.'

Dee Brooks, Zipolite Australia



'Thanks for being such a great coach and helping me find my voice. I am thrilled to have you as my teacher ...I'm lovin' my voice.  

Luanne Pucci ( Singing Lessons ) Toronto Beaches .



'Thanks for creating such a healing, empowering space for the mastermind.'




John Iadopaolo, North York



'I'm so pleased with the technique and surprised at what an immediate difference it's made. After the class I rehearsed with my husband and every time I focused on this he really praised me saying how great I sounded. I'm headed out right now to try it out on a live audience! Thanks so much!'

Collette Savard, Recording Artist and Performer, Downtown Toronto



” Friday my vocal performance was just incredible. I’ve never felt so free singing on stage before.

I kept in mind what you said in our lesson and the results were REMARKABLE! “


"I spent 4 or 5 years fantasizing about a flawless, expressive voice.

Then I spent about 2 years with Paul - my only regret is that I didn't do this earlier!

...Paul exemplifies a person who cares for people..."

Ketan C. Richmond Hill, Ontario




'thank you Paul! So thoughtful of you to capture 'my' moment. Thank you for your coaching me. It helped me enjoy the evening!


Susan Romsky,  Gerrard/Coxwell East York 

"I am feeling more comfortable now than I ever have.   And I am more comfortable with ME.  
I sang in front of someone this week and they said that I sounded really GREAT."
Silva Nercessian
Nurse, Downtown Toronto
Paul's lessons were and are still incredibly fun. The best part is that Paul teaches in a method that is specific to YOU and what YOUR particular needs are. He doesn't use a blank teaching template typical of a lot of run of the mill music schools. He listens to your needs and voice and offers instructions that are personal and ultimately more useful.
My speaking has been transformed because of the teachings ... and it has actually benefited my normal non musical life.
I can sing freely without straining and stressing my vocal chords. I can also project my voice much more naturally and with strength, not just loudness anymore. There is a difference between the two and it is something I learned  through these lessons.
Coach sessions are great in that they help you find what you need to open up. He doesn't teach you how to sound like certain things, but rather how to sound like you should sound naturally.  
Derek. Chow
St John, Newfoundland
"Thank you so very much. 
You have inspired me and changed my life (as dramatic as that is true)."

Lorraine Gibson

'Finally no more straining for the high notes!'

Omar V. Scarborough



"I now feel a much greater sense of ease and JOY..."

Kay Hubbard .



' After my first lesson I sang ALL the way home! '

Sue G, Toronto Beaches Singing Lessons .




'The change in my voice is MAGICAL...'

'I've discovered a part of [me]... I didn't even know was there and it feels so good.

I am amazed at how effortless and natural the process is. Thank you!!' .

Dane M.,
Downtown Toronto  .



'It felt like a completely new experience for me and I'm excited and really looking forward to learning these new techniques!" .

Tamara Lutchman, Mississauga


'I am really excited about how far I've come in such a short time. I'm telling EVERYONE that they should take lessons. What a difference!! ' .

Andy Conroy, Toronto Recording Artist, Recording Engineer and Music Producer .



'I feel like I've been awakened to a WHOLE NEW WORLD of possibilities for me and my music career. I love it, it's great!' .

Rico A.
Etobicoke, Ontario Songwriter and Recording Artist .



'I sang higher and higher and it felt as if I could go on forever... going up into the high registers feels effortless for me now.


...feels so natural and free. " .

Keith Ly, North York



 "I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for saving my life and giving me a new love for singing... range and stamina has doubled.I sincerely thank you for sharing your talent and gift with me. .


I have since finished the album and our single Dare To Believe is currently playing on several different radio stations. This was the last song that was recorded on the album and was written about this situation. My career in music is slowly taking off and I have you to thank. " .

Jeff Smith, Frontman for the Fairchild Band
Follow-up from Jeff...
I wanted to thank you again... I've been practicing what you've showed me and all I can say is WOW!!!! I had and a chance to put into practice yesterday I was asked to perform at a teachers memorial service. I completely let go of me or at least tried to. I did what you said I looked at the family in front of me and then the whole school I asked myself what do they need to hear what do they really need. What an amazing experience! For the first time ever I didn't try to focus so much on technique. I let it flow. But I could feel those moments more strongly. I can't thank you enough for sharing your gift with the world Paul!
follow-up from Jeff Smith, , Frontman for the Fairchild Band



'I'm already noticing a difference...! With these exercises everything just clears up.... sounds open, clear and bright! I like it.' .

Farah Mitha, Mississauga

'The lessons are really paying off, it is an unbelievable difference when i implement what we are learning.  Thank you.  I have nothing but praise for what we are doing.'

Milan Vincec, Brampton



 'The technique has made a huge difference...a HUGE difference. My tone is richer, cleaner, and clearer as go higher so much more easily.'  Many days I'm saying to myself "Thank you, Paul!"' .

Nick Alouche, Leslieville



'I felt like I had a cork stuck in my throat which didn't let the sound out.  Paul unscrewed it, removed it and now it is gone.  

Now for the first time I feel that I am free.'

Carolyn Chung, Leslieville



'I've had Paul as a coach for around 3 months now, and the progress I've had is amazing.' .

'I'm much more confident, and comfortable with my songs...' .

Ryan S. Calgary, Alberta



'Learning things correctly the first time SAVES you so much time!' .

Alex A. Calgary, Alberta



"Paul's exceptional knowledge of the anatomy and mechanics of process allow him to effortlessly develop the student's true self.....

His overall approach ... is unparalleled, freeing the voice and the spirit together.

I have been delighted with my lessons and the results ...

Steven Reed, MD Orthopedic Surgeon, Cabbagetown

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