TORONTO... home of the Maple Leafs, Blue Jays and Raptors.  But many would say the magic lives here inside the Toronto music scene.


The BEST thing about Toronto though is the people.  More than any city anywhere that I know of,  you can walk down any street in Toronto and see someone who was born in, or has direct ancestors from any country.  From Middle-East to Africa to Europe or Asia, it seems that the beauty of every culture is represented here.


One of the biggest benefit of this cross-pollination effect is in the arts, and music especially.



What makes a place special

What makes any place special is knowing its own self, or style.  Just like an individual, a place comes alive from knowing self.  The people of Toronto just can't copy another place because no other place has the blend of influences and cultures that Toronto has.


In my own experience we find our identity by first losing it. 



Lose my identity to find it?  Yes.  Because the true sense of a place like Toronto comes from someplace deep within in.  It is felt.  The mind cannot describe or hold the depth of a spiritual essence of a home like Toronto. 


How To Describe Toronto?

So how would I describe Toronto, its sound or essence?  I can't.  Just like I can't describe you.  Not really.  I can share what I love about you, what inspires me about you.  But to try to come up with your sense of unique self I would only be missing most of you.


Same with Toronto.  So if you want to know the heart of this city, lose yourself in it.  Throw away the guides, especially the tourist guides.  And pick a destination and feel it.  Get lost in it without a plan.  Say hi to someone here you wouldn't speak to.


Take a chance.  Open your heart and allow another to connect with you.  In her own special way.  It won't be what you expect. 


Now you can both meet in a place that is real, beyond the conceptual idea which would only be superficial anyway.


How To Discover Toronto

We can best dive deep into knowing Toronto by slowing and sinking in, simply and deeply connecting with what and who are around us.


Or just blow through with a guide book and think you've seen it all.  But never felt it


When you want to feel someone, or a city like East York or Scarborough, I invite you to slow down and go deep.  Simple things can be a window into the soul of a city.


I welcome you, to you.


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