How Much Do Singing Lessons Cost?

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Lessons with a top vocal coach is the most effective and cost-efficient way to achieve the results you desire


Montreal Singer : How much are lessons?

Toronto Vocal Coach : If your goal is just to take Singing lessons that's easy. Anyone can offer you this. Then then finding the lowest priced teacher may be the route you take.

Toronto Vocal Coach : May I suggest an even better question? Such as:

'What do YOU really wish to achieve with your voice and what is the most effective and cost-efficient way to get there?'


Montreal Singer : I want to develop my best singing voice.

Toronto Vocal Coach : If your goal is to achieve freedom with your singing voice, developing the beautiful sound that you really want with great flexibility,tone and vocal range and an ability to emotionally MOVE people...and have FUN in the process...


Then that is a very different goal.


Montreal Singer : I see that is what I really want.

Toronto Vocal Coach : The next question you might ask yourself is 'Am I willing to do my part?'


Montreal Singer : I'm willing to apply what I learn consistently.


Toronto Vocal Coach : And have fun too!


Montreal Singer : Always!




Toronto Vocal Coach : You're sounding like someone that would be really fun to work with. It is really a LOT of fun as we achieve our goals.

Even though you're living in Montreal and most of our lessons will be over the phone you'll see that we have a really great time and build a strong personal connection in the process regardless.


Some might say that a top Vocal Coach is expensive...


Lessons with a top vocal coach is the most effective and cost-efficient way to achieve the results you desire




You may eventually realize that investing in yourself by getting a great Vocal Coach is the BEST investment you can make for your voice and also gives you the biggest cost and time savings overall.


I believe that Singers today have a very clear choice...


Choice A) take 10 years to develop your voice with a traditional singing teacher and possibly get the result you wanted...



Choice B) do it in 3 years with a top Vocal Coach and get the results you really wanted with your voice - guaranteed.

Which is the most economical choice overall?

Toronto Vocal Coach : I recommend that Singers today really look at the big picture. See what they want and find a way to make it happen. Whatever it takes.

Montreal Singer : Is your recommendation the same for Professional Singers as well as those who just want to sing for fun?

Toronto Vocal Coach : The techniques are exactly the same. Everyone starts at the same place with the same techniques. The difference is what you choose to do with the techniques.

Singing with a beautiful, free, emotionally inspired singing voice is for everyone Pros and amateurs, adults and kids.

Toronto Vocal Coach :These lessons are RESULTS-based. They work effectively for everyone who does their part consistently.

Success isn't about how little money you invested each week.

Success IS achieving the singing voice you desire.

Even smarter success is achieving the singing voice you desire AND saving yourself many years and much money in the process.


The program results are proven.


Your first lesson is even satisfaction guaranteed*.

Now it is up you to take the next step.


Discovering the Singing Voice you desire is an investment in yourself




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TEN Lesson Package: Please CALL or EMAIL our office today.


IMPORTANT: 48 hours notice required if you cannot make your lesson. Otherwise the missed lesson is a missed paid lesson.

This is to be fair to all Singers who are looking for a time slot as there are limited teaching spots available each week.


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* Note: Your first lesson is satisfaction guaranteed. It is NOT a free lesson but if you don't experience exciting new possibilities in your singing voice the lesson would not have to be paid.

I want you to know that no one EVER has asked to not pay for their first lesson, and I don't want anyone to ever feel this way. *Every* genuine and honest Singer very much appreciates the tremendous value in what they learn each week.



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